You mean I gotta….


Wash the car again?

Oh, come on it can’t be that bad. Here are a few tips to make the job less stressful and cheaper than the Car Wash.

First, get all the hamburger wrappers, empty cola cups, and other junk out of the car. Now let’s begin. Park your car in the shade and away from trees that drip sap. Fill a bucket with water and add car wash soap or soap that won’t leave a scum. Hose off the car to remove what dirt you can…including the wheels. Using a sponge with soapy water go over the entire car. Now section by section gently scrub one side at a time rinsing as you go. Remember to clean the roof before cleaning the body sections. Stop often to clean out the sponge rinsing in plain water. Clean the bottom portion, wheels, lower body etc. last. You can clean the tires using a household soapy steel wool-scrub pad. In no time you will have a shiny clean auto. Easy right? For more information on how to clean almost anything call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at

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