So here’s a quick tip…..


To make that morning coffee taste better…..

Start by cleaning the filter basket and glass carafe after each usage. If using the dishwasher be sure to keep everything on the top rack to avoid the heat harming plastic parts. After things cool wipe the heating plate and outside of the entire maker with a damp cloth. Keep an eye on when it is necessary to clean the brewing mechanism. You will probably be able to discern when that is necessary as minerals begin to build up slowing or clogging the coffee maker. Vinegar is a simple solution to this problem. Fill the carafe with half water, half vinegar. Pour this into the reservoir, put a fresh filter in the basket, and turn that baby on. Let a few cups run through the maker and turn it off to let everything sit for an hour. Then turn the maker on and let it cycle until complete. Throw the vinegar and water away and rinse the coffee maker a couple times through with tap water removing traces of vinegar. Walla…’re ready for yummy coffee. For other cleaning tips call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at For additional cleaning ideas.


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