Had a great party last night?


Fun…fun…but now comes the after party clean up.

Festivities can leave you dreading cleaning up the next day so here are a few tips to help you return to normal. First of all, take an aspirin, turn on some mellow music, and take a deep breath. Now look for any damaging spills and take care of them before going any further. Next get rid of all the plastic and paper glasses etc. (Be sure to empty them first.) While in the kitchen collect the dirty dishes scraping off any left on food. Put all salvageable dishes in the dishwasher. While that’s running put on some rubber gloves and using a plastic garbage bag start in the outer rooms working your way back to the kitchen picking up leftover food, clothing, plastic, glasses, etc. Get rid of the bags as quickly as possible.

Ok, let’s tackle the bathrooms. Clean up the urine stains around the toilet bowl with a mop as needed. Put all the hand towels in the hamper. Clean the washbasins and faucets. Wipe everything with baby wipes to de-odorize. Check the bedrooms. If they look as though someone took a snooze, change the sheets. Lastly, vacuum the carpets checking again for stains. That should be enough for today. Have a Bloody Mary and leave the rest till tomorrow. If your headache is too intense to do the above you can call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at http://cwminc.com. for assistance.

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