I’m having one of those days….


At the laundromat.

Thought I could save money and get my clothes really clean. Didn’t work. Found it cost about a dollar at home and over three dollars at the local laundromat. So much for that learning experience, but while we’re here let’s talk about doing the laundry the right way.  There two (or probably more) schools of thought about separating in preparation for washing. One, you can separate very dirty from lightly dirty and delicate items from abrasive. (Flip a coin). Whichever you choose, start by loading the washer properly. With bleach, add water first, then clothing and lastly detergent. If no bleach put the laundry in first then water then soap. Be sure to empty pockets of tissues etc. Use warm water with whites and light colors. Cold water with delicates, denim, and sweaters. Hot water is best for bath towels, and stained items. You can use color-safe bleach with all colors. Chlorine bleach brightens whites but don’t use on colors, however, it is best to dilute bleach with water before putting it on clothing. If dealing with delicates fill the kitchen sink with lukewarm water and a touch of detergent, let the items soak for fifteen minutes. Rinse with clear water several times and hang up to dry.  For additional help call Clean World Maintenance toll free 800-643-5850 or visit our website at http://cwminc.com.



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